Anyone who plays golf, knows that it's a game of ups and downs. One day you're hitting great, the next day you feel like you're blowing every shot. One day the cup is like a magnet to your ball, the next it seems to squirm away as your ball approaches. Why do we keep playing? Guess it's because, in spite of all the frustrations, you're never bored! Do you feel the same? Share your favorite courses or golf moments with us.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Skene Valley Country Club

My home course, Skene Valley in Whitehall, NY, is a pretty long course (6407 yards from the whites, 5732 from the golds and 5523 from the reds), but it has wide open fairways and treelines don't come into play on most holes. There are a few sand traps and a few ponds, but that makes for a more interesting game! There are three restrooms on the course, which is a definite plus since it's unusual to find that many at the more expensive clubs.

Fairway of the 8th Hole

My two favorite holes 8 and and 14 are short enough that I can be on in two strokes and even manage to get a birdie now and then! Number 14 does have a pond on each side of the fairway and three sand traps around the green. If you can stay away from these, it gives you a chance to make an easy birdie or an easier par! On the other hand my nemisis hole has got to be the long 7th! It measures 581 yards from the whites, 516 from the golds and 503 from the reds. For additional difficulty you have three gullies (two for ladies and seniors) to cross and a long hill to get to the green. This is one of the holes that has trees along the right hand border, and when the wind is whipping a lot of people end up in those trees, out of bounds. If I ever make par on 7, I'll let you know! For me an 8 is not uncommon, a 7 is more rare and a 6 is a cause for celebration!!

7th Hole from Men's Tees
Did I mention there are
3 Gullies!? The green is way
up at the trees in right center.

There are a number of leagues throughout the week, playing mostly in the evenings. My husband, Duncan, and I belong to the mixed couples league. We use a two person scramble format and play from May to the end of August when the earlier nightfall puts an end to it.

Skene Valley, has membership fees of $470 for single membership and $700.00 for couples. Pay before Christmas and you can deduct 10%. If you are not a member, green fees are $24.00 for 18 holes and $12.00 after 3:00 P.M. Cart rental is $11.00 plus tax for 9 holes, $22.00 for 18 (that’s per cart, not per person). They also offer a punch card that enables you to buy 10 green fees or rides and get one free.

I'm hoping to hear from you about your favorite courses. Your comments are welcome!

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