Anyone who plays golf, knows that it's a game of ups and downs. One day you're hitting great, the next day you feel like you're blowing every shot. One day the cup is like a magnet to your ball, the next it seems to squirm away as your ball approaches. Why do we keep playing? Guess it's because, in spite of all the frustrations, you're never bored! Do you feel the same? Share your favorite courses or golf moments with us.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Golf Does Not Have to Bankrupt You!

Now that I've reached the age of 60, I guess I'm now considered a senior. (at least AARP thinks so!). Like many people I love golf! I love to play golf, to watch golf and to talk golf! I try to play four or five times a week until snow or early darkness or closed courses shut me down. Since I play so often, I have to play on the cheap. I can’t afford not to. I am fortunate to live close to a golf course that is reasonably priced, but when I travel I find it difficult to locate courses that charge a price that I can pay without breaking my budget.

Those of us who love to play, but aren’t rich, do not need luxurious clubhouses or perfectly manicured fairways and greens. We are looking for good golf, interesting holes, challenging distances, adequate restrooms and clubs that welcome people of every income level. If we have to play on fairways that are not up to the standards of professional play, that doesn’t bother us. If we have to tee off from well worn tee blocks, we can deal with it! We just want to play!

The purpose of this site is to not only find and share the best prices available for green fees and carts throughout the U.S. and southern Canada, but to allow others of the "over 60" set to share their best senior golf moments.


Laurie Arnado said...

Hi, I'm Laurie and I play a few times a week at my home course - we live in Highlands Ridge in Avon Park, Florida. We have 2 courses North and South and we are members and have our own cart. It is summer in Florida so the courses are real cheap and hot! Almost any course can be played for $20 with cart. In the winter it's a different story.

Anonymous said...

My name is Paco Diaz and I live in rural West Virginia. I have found that by playing golf on our local muny course vs. privately owned public courses; I save a little money. If you are too cheap to play on public courses try a muny...or take up ping pong!!!

M. Hannah said...

Answer to Paco's comment:

Whoa, Paco! I play on public courses any chance I get. Unfortunately, here in Vermont we don't have many municipal courses. The closest is about 25-30 minutes away in Killington, Vt. It's a beautiful course but the prices are up there $59.00 weekdays and $69.00 weekends plus $20.00 cart fee per person and carts are mandatory Fri-Sunday! They do have a $36.00 green fee after 3:00 on weekdays and $39.00 on weekends. You didn't give any prices on your green fees or where you are located, but I'd be interested in hearing more from you.

When we visit Myrtle Beach, SC, we often play at Whispering Pines which is a municipal course. We are definitely not looking just for private courses.

Thanks for your comment! M. Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Paco Diaz and I wrote to you back in July....well now I live in Holopaw Florida and the prices for golf are even cheaper. I pick crops for a living and am now picking oranges, so I have to play the cheapest courses which are public courses. I found some really cheap courses in Davenport florida which are nice and not that far away, although the area is a little depressing. If you like to play golf....try the Florida courses in summer.