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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What to do, what to do! With no Tiger playing in the British Open this year, I haven't been looking forward to watching it as much I usually do. I know it will still be great golf and I know that there will be a lot of drama, but I'm used to having a favorite to cheer for! Sure, it's easy to appreciate great shots and perfect putts, but where's the passion that comes with rooting for your guy!

So, sorry Tiger, but I guess I'm just going to have to be a bit unfaithful and go for someone who's available! I've studied the list of contenders and narrowed it down to a few.

The first would have to be Padraig Harrington since he will be defending his title. It's difficult to win twice in a row though, especially when you have neck and wrist injuries. Then there's Ernie Els. He just got rid of his caddie and went back to Ricci Roberts who was with him previously when he was winning more frequently. He's also working on his swing with Butch Harmon. These changes may be coming a bit too late, but still he is "The Big Easy". How about Phil Mickelson? Nope, don't think so! He still seems to fall apart when he gets to the end, in spite of his previous Major wins. Stewart Cink has a habit of always being on the leader board, but I think that's just where he'll be, on the board, but not on the top. That brings me to Sergio Garcia. He's been given 8-1 odds as the favorite. He lost in a play-off last year to Harrington and with Tiger out of the way, he's probably ready to finish the job. He won the Players Championship this year and should be feeling his oats! He hits a long ball and can putt. Since he no longer takes forever over his ball and has dispensed with the endless waggles that used to drive me crazy, I think he's my choice! Or should it be Ernie? Nah, I'll go with Sergio. He's sure to do something wild and crazy to add to the excitement at Royal Birkdale Golf Club!

Coverage begins at 6:30 A.M. Eastern time on TNT.

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