Anyone who plays golf, knows that it's a game of ups and downs. One day you're hitting great, the next day you feel like you're blowing every shot. One day the cup is like a magnet to your ball, the next it seems to squirm away as your ball approaches. Why do we keep playing? Guess it's because, in spite of all the frustrations, you're never bored! Do you feel the same? Share your favorite courses or golf moments with us.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Whether you are visiting Myrtle Beach for a few days or spending the winter, you can save up to $50.00 per round by becoming a member of the Grand Strand Golf Association. Membership costs only $49.00 a year and entitles you and up to three guests to great discounts at some of the best courses in the area.

If you are not into golf packages, this is the way to go. My husband and I prefer to keep our options open when we go on golf vacations. We don't like being tied into packages. This past year, we discovered the GSGA privilege card, and even though we were only in Myrtle Beach for a week, we were able to make up for the price of membership with our first round! The list of courses participating include the four Barefoot Resort courses and the Founders Club of Pawleys Island. Lower priced courses such as Azalea Sands are also included.

The only drawback we found was that, in some cases, you could not book more than two days in advance. This was not a problem for us, however. We were able to get tee times at just about every course we called. We usually prefer not to book too far ahead because we then have a better idea of what the weather will be doing.

Your card also gives you discounts at restaurants, entertainment and lodging. We had a bit of trouble at Friendly's when some of the staff didn't know that they accepted the card, but that was soon taken care of with the help of a "friendly" manager.

Once you are a member, the renewal fee for the following year goes down to $39.00. It really is well worth it!

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Anonymous said...

We tried the golf card last year when we were in Myrtle Beach. I think we save a lot of money and played some very nice courses that we wouldn't have played otherwise. I think I will get another card before we return to Myrtle Beach.